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Downloading System Files

You can download the system files of Metabolonote using the links below.

Notice: For a server security measure, at the maximum of 90 sec can be taken to start downloading after clicking the links.

mediawiki-1.18.2.tar.gz(16.5 MB)

The operation of this MediaWiki software program has been verified on Metabolonote.

You can download the latest version of MediaWiki here. MB)

This MediaWiki extension embeds metadata articles in MediaWiki.

* Changes are made to SemanticMediaWiki in the Metablonote system. Please use the system files downloaded from the above link. KB)

This MediaWiki extension enables the addition and editing of data using the form.

* Changes are made to SemanticForms in the Metablonote system. Please use the system files downloaded from the above link. KB) (OmicsnoteCore)

Metabolonote's unique MediaWiki extension (OmicsnoteCore) that manages metadata information in hierarchical structure and permissions to access user's data. A set of form, template, and properties to build the same hierarchical structure as Metabolonote is also included.

Batch download MB)

You can download the system files above in batches.

Confirming Contents

The following files described below will be created when system files are downloaded and uncompressed.

File name Description
mediawiki-1.18.2.tar.gz MediaWiki software program MediaWiki extension MediaWiki extension MediaWiki extension

Download old version

Older versions are available here.

Release Notes

1.3.2 (2014/12/26)

An auto-fill function of default IDs for creating new metadata is added.
Tooltip helps for the fields of metadata are attached at the form-editing window.
Bug fix: Top-level metadata cannot be created in some condition.
Bug fix: Search Ontology function did not work at the lower-level of metadata (M, D).
Other improvements of the inner processing.

1.3.0 (2014/03/27)

Various APIs were added.
A function "Active User Ranking" was added.
An ontology search function was added.
Other small bug fixes.

1.2.2 (2013/04/24)

The "Browse wiki" function of SementicMediaWiki which shows property values of the wiki page is now available.
The version also includes minor bug fixes on creations of metadata pages and so on.

1.2 (2013/02/26)

The page search function is now available.
The version also includes a minor bug fix on API.

1.1 (2013/02/05)

The API functions are improved. The version also includes:

  • Changes of the Side Menu
  • Improvements of form and template managements
  • Other bug fixes
1.0 (2012/12/28)

The initial release version of Metabolonote.

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