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Step 2: How to install SemanticMediaWiki



SemanticMediaWiki is a MediaWiki extension function that enables semantic information managements in MediaWiki articles. This function is utilized for managements of the metadata fields in Metabolonote.


To install SemanticMediaWiki, the following program needs to be installed in advance.


Confirming Files

Install SemanticMediaWiki by using the following file we provided.


* A modified SemanticMediaWiki is used in Metabolonote system. Use the downloaded from the Meatabolonote web site.

Arrangements of Data Files

The following section gives description based on "metabolonote" as the directory where files are placed and "/var/www/html" as the document root of Apache.

  • Uncompress the downloaded files.
$ unzip
  • Move into the generated directory.
$ cd SemanticMediaWiki

Two directory named "SemanticMediaWiki" and "Validator" can be seen.

  • Copy the following uncompressed directory under the extensions directory of the metabolonote directory.


$ cp -ar SemanticMediaWiki /var/www/html/metabolonote/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki


$ cp -ar Validator /var/www/html/metabolonote/extensions/Validator


This section describes how to install SemanticMediaWiki.

* See this official SemanticMediaWiki page (English) for detailed description of how to install SemanticMediaWiki.

The following section describes how to install SemanticMediaWiki by using a setting example.

Add the lines below to the last line of "/var/www/html/metabolonote/LocalSettings.php".

enableSemantics('$installation server name');

Initial Settings

Configure the initial settings for SemanticMediaWiki as described follows.

Name Description
ADMINISTRATOR_NAME MediaWiki administrator name
ADMINISTRATOR_PASS MediaWiki administrator password

The following section describes based on the table above.

Log in / create account

Log in / create account

  • Select the "Log in / create account" link on the upper right of the page.
  • Log in to Metabolonote as the administrator privilege user created when MediaWiki was installed.

After entering necessary information, click the Log in button.

Main Page

Main Page

  • Select the "Special Pages" link from the toolbox on the left side of the page.

Special Pages

Special Pages

  • Select the "Admin functions for SemanticMediaWiki" link.

Admin functions for Semantic MediaWiki

Adminstration functions of SemanticMediaWiki

  • Click the Initialize or upgrade tables button.

Admin functions for Semantic MediaWiki

Adminstration functions of SemanticMediaWiki

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