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Making Sample Sets Public/Private

Metadata created by users in the Metabolonote system is private by default and accessible only by the users who created metadata when they are logged in the system. To publish metadata so that any user can view it, users need to send a request to the Metablonote administrator. Users cannot make their metadata public or private by themselves. This is because an authentic sample set ID (SE**) needs to be assigned.

Request by e-mail

If you wish to publish your sample set ID, send an e-mail request to the Metabolonote administrator at the address below.
Should you wish to make your published data private, please contact the administrator in the same way you would when you making your published data private.

E-mail: metabolonote AT
(Please change the "@" to one-byte character size)

Include the following information in your e-mail to the Metablonote administrator.

Necessary information Example
Request To publish the sample set ID
User name USER_NAME
Target Sample Set IDs TSE3, TSE5
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