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Sample Set Information

Title Comparison of fruit metabolites among tomato varieties 2
Description Comparison of tomato fruit metabolites. 2 caltivars (Furikoma, Micro-Tom) and 6 original species (S. peruvianum LA0372, S. pennellii LA0716, S. galapagense LA1408, S. pimpinellifolium LA1589, S. habrochaites LA1777, S. peruvianum LA3858), 3 replicates data are examined. The color of fruit of S. peruvianum and S. pennellii are green, others are red.
Authors Takeshi Ara 1, Naoki Yamamoto 1, Kunihiro Suda 1, Tatsuya Suzuki 2, Taneaki Tsugane 2, Yoshihiko Morishita 1, Mitsuo Enomoto 1, Nozomu Sakurai 1, Hideyuki Suzuki 1, Daisuke Shibata 1, 1: Kazusa DNA Research Institute, 2: Chiba Prefectural Agriculture Research Center
Reference Direct Submittion
Comment version 2

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The web resources and information related to the species used in this study are available at Plant Genome Database Japan (PGDBj).

Sample Information

ID S02
Title Solanum peruvianum LA0372 Fruit
Organism - Scientific Name Solanum peruvianum
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:4082
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Preparation Solanum peruvianum were grown in a greenhouse. Seeds were sown at May 11. Temporary planting was done at May 31 and fix planting was done at June 28 in the pots with synthetic molding "Genkikun kana 200" ( Plants were treated by growth hormone medicine (Tomatoton). Tomato fruits were harvested at September 28 in 2011.
Sample Preparation Details ID
Comment [KomicMarket ID] KSBA_33

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