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Sample Set Information

ID TSE1350
Title Enhanced radical scavenging activity of genetically modified Arabidopsis seeds
Description The proanthocyanidin (PA) content was increased in seeds of pap1-D mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana, in which the expression of endogenous PAP1 gene encoding a Myb-like transcription factor was induced by activation-tagging with enhancer sequences derived from cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter. In contrast, the PA contents decreased in seeds of transgenic plants transformed with a PAP1 cDNA or with a PAP1 chimeric repressor, although the amount of soluble anthocyanins increased in seeds of transgenic plants over-expressing PAP1cDNA. The enhanced radical scavenging activity was observed only in the seed extracts of pap1-D mutant, indicating that PAs are primarily responsible for radical scavenging activity in seeds. The present study suggests the feasibility of engineering a transcription factor of flavonoid biosynthesis for health beneficial plant seeds.
Authors Tohge, T., Matsui, K., Ohme-Takagi, M., Yamazaki, M. and Saito, K.
Reference Biotechnol Lett. 2005 Mar;27(5):297-303

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Data Analysis Details Information

Title Metabolites identification
Description Metabolites were identified based on UV/visible absorption spectra, quasi-molecular ions and MS/MS information by tandem MS analysis in comparison with the reported anthocyanins (Bloor & Abrahams 2002, Tohge et al. 2005).

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