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Sample Set Information

ID SE218
Title Metabolome analysis of Carica papaya fruit
Description Investigation of Carica papaya fruit metabolites. 2 tissue (pulp and peel), 2 developmental stages (unripe and ripe) and 4 replicates data are examined.
Authors Yasuhide Hiraga 1,2, Takeshi Ara 2,3, Nao Sato 4, Nayumi Akimoto 2, Kenjiro Sugiyama 4, Hideyuki Suzuki 1,2, Kota Kera 5;1 HIRATA Corporation, 2 Kazusa DNA Research Institute, 3 Kyoto University, 4 Kogakuin University, 5 Tokyo University of Agriculture
Reference Hiraga Y. et al. (2021) Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 85(5) 1194-1204

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Sample Information

ID S01
Title Carica papaya L. unripe fruit pulp
Organism - Scientific Name Carica papaya L.
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:3649
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Preparation Ripe and unripe papaya (Carica papaya L.) fruits were obtained from local markets in Okinawa prefecture.
Sample Preparation Details ID

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