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Sample Set Information

Title Toward genome-wide metabolotyping and elucidation of metabolic system: metabolic profiling of large-scale bioresources
Description We established a novel methodology, termed widely targeted metabolomics, which can generate thousands of metabolome data points in a high-throughput manner. We previously conducted a targeted metabolite analysis of large-scale Arabidopsis bioresources, namely transposon-tagged mutants and accessions, to make a smaller dataset of metabolite accumulation. In this paper, we release approximately 3,000 metabolic profiles obtained by targeted analysis for 36 metabolites and discuss the possible regulation of amino acid accumulation.
Authors Masami Yokota Hirai, Yuji Sawada, Shigehiko Kanaya, Takashi Kuromori, Masatomo Kobayashi, Romy Klausnitzer, Kosuke Hanada, Kenji Akiyama, Tetsuya Sakurai, Kazuki Saito, Kazuo Shinozaki
Reference Hirai YM et al. (2010) Journal of Plant Research 123: 291-298

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The raw data files are available at DROP Met web site in PRIMe database of RIKEN.

Data Analysis Details Information

Title High-throughput amino acid and glucosinolate analysis
Description MassLynx software version 4.0 (Waters) was used to control all instruments and calculate peak areas. The analytical error of this analysis using UPLCquadrupole MS is less than 10% (data not shown); thus, we did not perform an analytical replicate in this study.

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