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Sample Set Information

Title LC-MS analysis of parsley
Description Comprehensive analysis of metabolites in parsley (Petroselium crispum, Paramount) was performed by several combination of sample preparation and analytical conditions.

Parsley was hydroponically grown in a greenhouse (S11-S13) or a cultivation shelf (S21-S26) using control medium and stable isotope (15N or 34S)-containing medium.

Authors Sakurai N, Suda K (Kazusa DNA Research Insitute)
Reference Akimoto N, Ara T, Nakajima D, Suda K, Ikeda C, Takahashi S, Muneto R, Yamada M, Suzuki H, Shibata D and Sakurai N (2017) FlavonoidSearch: A system for comprehensive flavonoid annotation by mass spectrometry. Scientific Reports 7: 1243

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Sample Information

ID S21
Title Shoot of cultivation shelf grown parsley
Organism - Scientific Name Petroselinum crispum, Paramount
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:4043
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Preparation Hydroponically grown in a cultivation shelf. Shoot was harvested.
Sample Preparation Details ID SS2

Sample Preparation Details Information

Title Cultivation in a cultivation shelf
Description The parsley seeds (Kaneko Seeds Co. LTD., KS100-542, Gunma, Japan) were germinated on a watered filter paper (Whatman 1002-150, GE Healthcare Japan) in a petri dish, and seedlings were grown 14 days in a cultivation shelf under fluorescent lamps (Biolux-A, NEC Corp., Tokyo, Japan) in 16 hr light / 8 hr dark regime at 25 ºC. The seedlings were transplanted on vermiculite (10865595 SK Agri K.K., Gunma, Japan), and grown 164 days under the same condition fertilizing with a culture medium containing 3 mM KNO3, 1 mM Ca(NO3)2, 0.5 mM MgSO4, 0.5 mM NH4H2PO4, 50 µM Fe-EDTA, 49 µM H3BO3, 9 µM MnSO4, 0.8 µM ZnSO4, 0.3 µM CuSO4, and 0.1 µM Na2MoO4. Shoot was harvested, ground to powder in liquid nitrogen by mortar and pestle, and stored at -80 ºC until use.
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