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Sample Set Information

Title Analysis for para rubber tree
Description Various tissues and stages of the leaves para rubber tree were analyzed by LC-FT-ICR-MS.
Authors Takeshi Ara, Hideyuki Suzuki, Daisuke Shibata, Nozomu Sakurai, Yukiko Nakamura, Makoto Hirosawa, Takashi Matsuura, Lab. Genome Biotech, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan; Center for Development of Biotech Industries, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan
Reference Direct submission
Comment NS deposited the metadata, most of which were retrieved from MassBase. For more detailed information, please contact the authors directly or via NS (email: metabolonote [at]

Sample Information

Title Hevea brasiliensis Leaf stage II
Organism - Scientific Name Hevea brasiliensis
Organism - ID NCBI Taxonomy:3981
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Sample Preparation Details ID

Analytical Method Information

Title LC-FTICR-MS, ESI Positive analysis
Method Details ID MS1
Sample Amount
Comment MassBase ID:MDLC1_15733, Method ID:MTLC1033

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The raw (binary) and near-raw (text) files of this analysis are available at MassBase.

Analytical Method Details Information

Title LC-FTICR-MS, ESI Positive analysis
Instrument Agilent1100 HPLC (Agilent), LTQ-FT (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Instrument Type LC-FTICR-MS
Ionization ESI
Ion Mode Positive
Description Harvested sample is frozen by liquid N2 and resulting powder (100mg) are solved in 300uL 80% methanol solution. 20uL sample is injected into HPLC after 0.2um membrane filter treatment. HPLC conditions: Agilent 1100 series (Agilent), Column: TSKgel-100V (4.6 x 250 mm, 5 micrometer; TOSOH), Solvent: A; 0.1% formic acid aq. B; ACN (addition 0.1% formic acid fc.), water used for mobile phase is purchased from Wako Co., Gradient: (B);3 to 30% (0.0 to 25.0 min), 30 to 90% (25.0 to 40.0 min), 90% (40.0 to 45.0 min), 95% (45.1 to 50.0 min), 3% (50.1 to 57.0 min), Column temp.: 40 degree C, Flow rate=0.5mL/min, PDA: 200-650 nm (2 nm step). FT-ICR-MS conditions: Filter 1: FTMS + c norm !corona !pi res=100000 o(100.0-1500.0); 2: ITMS + c norm !corona !pi Dep MS/MS Most intense ion from (1).; 3: ITMS + c norm !corona !pi Dep MS/MS 2nd most intense ion from (1)., Rejected mass=224.1900, 225.1930, 235.1800, 236.1830, 266.2300, 267.2330, 294.2600, 295.2630, 308.0000, 309.0000, 310.0000, 311.0000, 311.9900, 375.9000, 376.9000, 377.9000, 378.0400, 380.0300, 381.0400, 609.2800, 610.2900, 611.2900, 780.5500, 784.5900, 785.5900, 786.5900, 810.7000, 811.7000, 1101.6900, 1102.7000, 1123.6800, 1124.6830, 1125.6800.
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