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Contact information

All your inquiries about this site should be sent to the following e-mail address.

Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Metabolonote development team
E-mail: metabolonote AT (replace AT to @)

Developing Team


Takeshi Ara

Researcher. The manager of the metabolomics data in Kazusa. Conprehensive checker and evaluater of the systems.


Mitsuo Enomoto

Technical staff. The main programmer. Maintenance staff of the server system. One of the most powerful developer of MediaWiki extensions in Japan.


Nozomu Sakurai

The leader of the Kazusa Team of the Togo Metabolomics Project. System architect and designer.


The research and deveropment of the Metabolonote is supported by "The development of the metabolome database" (PI; Prof. Shigehiko Kanaya, NAIST) in "project of promotion of integration" in project of promotion of integration of life science databases by National Bioscience Database Center(NBDC), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

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