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Sample Set Information

ID TSE1329
Title Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. elevated tolerance to D2O: its use for the production of highly deuterated metabolites.
Description The method introduced here to grow F. hygrometrica in high concentrations of D 2 O is an excellent alternative to produce highly deuterated metabolites with broad applications in metabolic studies. Our mass spectrometry experiments strongly indicate the successful incorporation of deuterium into organic compounds.. This approach also has limitations as D2O in high concentrations negatively affects the survival of most organisms. Here we report the moss Funaria hygrometrica as an unusual high tolerant to D2O in liquid culture. We found that this moss is able to grow in up to 90% D2O, a condition lethal for many eukaryotes. Mass spectrometric analyses of F. hygrometrica extracts showed a strong deuteration pattern. The ability to tolerate high concentrations of D2O together with the development of a rich molecular toolbox makes F. hygrometrica an ideal system for the production of valuable deuterated metabolites.
Authors Vergara, F., Itouga, M., Becerra, R.G., Hirai, M.Y., Ordaz-Ortiz, J.J., and Winkler, R.(2018)
Reference Planta (2018) 247: 405. DOI: 10.1007/s00425-017-2794-5

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Data Analysis Details Information

Title Calculation of chemical sum formulas
Description For manually selected accurate mass spectra, the chemical composition of the respective signals was calculated. The program SpiderMass (Winkler 2015), which takes into account the m/z and isotopic distribution of MS signals, was used for formula generation and evaluation. The putative formulae were evaluated according to the criteria of the “Seven Golden Rules” (Kind and Fiehn 2007). Following, the results were ranked by their SpiderHit, which is based on the mass difference and isotope distribution deviation between measured and theoretical values. The following parameters were used: mass error 0.05 m/z, composition C/H/D/N/O, Isotope Distribution Fit (IDF) on.

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