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Sample Set Information

ID SE212
Title Lotus japonicus metabolite analysis
Description Investigation of Lotus japonicus MG-20 metabolites. The sample are analysed at Dec 2003.
Authors Takeshi Ara 1, Yoshihiko Morishita 1, Hideyuki Suzuki 1, Daisuke Shibata 1, 1: Kazusa DNA Research Institute
Reference Direct submission


Sample Information

ID S01
Title Lotus japonicus MG-20
Organism - Scientific Name Lotus japonicus
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:34305
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Sample Preparation Details ID

Analytical Method Information

ID M13
Title GC-TOF-MS analysis, lipid fraction
Method Details ID MS1
Sample Amount
Comment [MassBase ID] MDGC1_04364

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The raw (binary) and near-raw (text) files of this analysis are available at MassBase.

Analytical Method Details Information

Title GC-TOF-MS lipid fraction method
Instrument 6890N GC (Agilent Technologies); Pegasus III TOF-MS system (Leco)
Instrument Type
Ionization EI
Ion Mode Positive
Description Frozen sample was homogenized using mill mixer with liquid nitrogen. Metabolites were extracted by MeOH/H2O/CHCl3. After liquid‐liquid distribution, upper (MeOH/H2O) layer is used as polar fraction and bottom (CHCl3) layer is used as lipid fraction. Ribitol and nonadecanoic acid methyl ester were used for internal standards of polar and lipid fractions. Lipid fraction was methoximated with CHCl3/NaOH/MeOH. After washing by water, CHCl3 layer was dried over by N2 gas. Metabolites were trimethylsilylated with n-Heptane/Pyridine/MSTFA. GC conditions: Agilent 6890N GC (Agilent), Carrier gas: He, MS conditions: Pegasus III TOF-MS system (Leco), mass range: 35 to 950 m/z.
Comment_of_details Instrument Type: GC-TOF-MS
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