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Sample Set Information

ID SE218
Title Metabolome analysis of Carica papaya fruit
Description Investigation of Carica papaya fruit metabolites. 2 tissue (pulp and peel), 2 developmental stages (unripe and ripe) and 4 replicates data are examined.
Authors Yasuhide Hiraga 1,2, Takeshi Ara 2,3, Nao Sato 4, Nayumi Akimoto 2, Kenjiro Sugiyama 4, Hideyuki Suzuki 1,2, Kota Kera 5;1 HIRATA Corporation, 2 Kazusa DNA Research Institute, 3 Kyoto University, 4 Kogakuin University, 5 Tokyo University of Agriculture
Reference Hiraga Y. et al. (2021) Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 85(5) 1194-1204

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Annotation Method Details Information

Title PowerGetBatch annotation
Description Metabolite annotation of the detected peaks was performed by searching compound databases or predicting elemental compositions using the MFSearcher tool, based on the estimated m/z value and adduct ion. The UC2 search mode of the MFSearcher tool was used for searching compound databases, KNApSAcK and HMDB, with a given mass tolerance of 5 ppm. We performed three additional searches on 1) the ExactMassDB-HR2 database for predicting elemental compositions, 2) the peptide database for theoretical composition formulas with molecular weights of up to 1000, and 3) the in-house reference library.

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