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Sample Set Information

Title Comparison of fruit metabolites among developmental stages of tomato
Description Investigation of Solanum lycopersicum fruit metabolites. 2 tisseus (flesh and peel), 4 developmental stages (breaker, green, orange, red) data are examined.
Authors Yoko Iijima 1, Yukiko Nakamura 2, Yoshiyuki Ogata 1, Kenichi Tanaka 3, Nozomu Sakurai 1, Kunihiro Suda 1, Tatsuya Suzuki 1, Hideyuki Suzuki 1, Koei Okazaki 1, Masahiko Kitayama 2, Shigehiko Kanaya 3, Koh Aoki 1, Daisuke Shibata 1, 1: Kazusa DNA Research Institute, 2: Ehime Women’s College, 3:Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Reference Iijima Y et al. (2008) Plant J. 54: 949-962 [PMID: 18266924]
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The web resources and information related to the species used in this study are available at Plant Genome Database Japan (PGDBj).

Raw data of S01_M04,M05,M06, S02_M04,M05,M06, S03_M05,M06,M07,M08, S04_M02,M03,M04,M05 S07_M03 are not registered in MassBase yet.

Sample Information

ID S08
Title Solanum lycopersicum Micro-Tom RF
Organism - Scientific Name Solanum lycopersicum
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:4081
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Preparation Solanum lycopersicum cv. Micro-Tom WT, self polinated over 8 generations is used in this study. Seeds were sawn in the pot (500 ml) filled with mixture of vermiculite and Powersoil (mix ratio 1 to 1, Kureha Chemical Ind., Tokyo, Japan, and Kanto Hiryou Ind., Saitama, Japan) and kept in the controlled room at 25C. Until germination, seeds were covered with plastic film and kept dark. After 4 days of germination, they were grown with photoperiod of 16 hr light(7000 lux) / 8 hr dark. Hyponex(R) (Hyponex Ltd., Osaka, Japan), 1000 times diluted, was applied to plants once a week as a nutrient. Flesh of fruit at the stage of red (approx. 45-48 days after anthesis) is harvested as sample "RF".
Sample Preparation Details ID
Comment [KomicMarket ID] 8

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