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Sample Set Information

Title MS/MS spectral tag-based annotation of non-targeted profile of plant secondary metabolites
Description We obtained structural information for the detected peaks in the metabolic profile data without performing additional MS/MS analysis; this was achieved by searching for the corresponding MS2T accession in the library. In the case of metabolic profile data for Arabidopsis tissues containing more than 1000 peaks, approximately 50% of the peaks were tagged by MS2Ts, and 90 peaks were identified or tentatively annotated with metabolite information by searching the metabolite databases and manually interpreting the MS2Ts. A comparison of metabolic profiles among the Arabidopsis tissues revealed that many unknown metabolites accumulated in a tissue-specific manner, some of which were deduced to be unusual Arabidopsis metabolites based on the MS2T data. Candidate genes responsible for these biosyntheses could be predicted by projecting the results to the transcriptome data. The method was also used for metabolic phenotyping of a subset of Ds transposon-inserted lines of Arabidopsis, resulting in clarification of the functions of reported genes involved in glycosylation of flavonoids. Thus, non-targeted metabolic profiling analysis using MS2T annotation methods could prove to be useful for investigating novel functions of secondary metabolites in plants.
Authors Fumio Matsuda, Keiko Yonekura-Sakakibara, Rie Niida, Takashi Kuromori, Kazuo Shinozaki, Kazuki Saito
Reference Matsuda F et al. (2009) The Plant Journal 57: 555-577

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The raw data files are available at DROP Met web site in PRIMe database of RIKEN.

Sample Information

ID S01
Title Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0)
Organism - Scientific Name Arabidopsis thaliana
Organism - ID NCBI taxonomy:3702
Compound - ID
Compound - Source
Sample Preparation Details ID SS01

Sample Preparation Details Information

Title Plant materials
Description Seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0) were grown in pots containing soil at 20℃ with a 16 h daily photoperiod. Six weeks after germination, the 12th or 13th expanded rosette leaves (rosette leaf), the 1st and 2nd expanded cauline leaves (cauline leaf), the upper part of the inflorescence (inflorescence), and first internode tissues (stem) were collected from eight individual Arabidopsis plants at stage 6.3 (Boyes et al., 2001) and stored at -80℃ until use. For metabolic phenotyping of Ds transposon insertion lines (Kuromori et al., 2004, 2006), 60 lines of homozygous seeds were grown on the half-strength MS medium plates at 20℃ with a 16 h daily photoperiod. Two weeks after germination, whole tissues of 20 seedlings were collected, weighed, and stored at -80℃.

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